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Trust your gut feeling...the universe is trying to tell you something!!

Do you ever have a gut feeling about doing something, but then do everything possible not to follow that gut feeling?

I know, sounds super counterintuitive, but that has been me for the past month! Yes, a whole month of me ignoring my intuition *insert palm in face emoji.

Ever since I published my first blog post, I have been wanting to write, but have been doing everything in my power to avoid it even though the universe has been throwing signs at me left and right.

Well today I finally told myself that enough is ENOUGH.

I asked myself why I was avoiding writing even though I have been feeling the need to sit at my desk and allow my fingers to glide across my keyboard. The answer was simple. FEAR. I was fearful of my blog - not the blog itself, but fearful of what the blog could become. I was fearful that my blog would take off and I would not have the time or energy to commit to it. I was fearful of the success of my blog so I self-sabotaged and ignored my intuition of writing about all the amazing ideas the universe was blessing me with. I allowed myself to self-sabotage my momentum and commitment to my blog from a vibration/perspective of fear of my own success. I think we have all experienced self-sabotaging, maybe some of us do not consciously recognize it, but the reality is that we are the only ones getting in our way, whether we know it or not. The point is, for a month I have been sitting on this fear, allowing it to consume my reality on purpose! This fearful thought is what is called a limiting belief. Here, let me explain.

A limiting belief is just what it sounds like, it is a belief that is actually limiting you to embody/live/experience your truth. Let's use my fear of my blog becoming successful as an example. My fear of not having the time or energy to commit to becoming a full-time blogger is a belief - I believed that once it hit off running I would not have the time or energy to commit to it, which would cause the me and the blog to fail. Therefore, this thought was limiting me to actually reach that point of "success" where my blog actually takes off. So, instead of focusing on the success of my blog, I have been focusing on the fear of a "what if" thought. Therefore, I was vibrating at a frequency of fear and lack, so the universe is blessing me with those frequencies in return and keeping me in a space where my blog is merely floating in the universe being untouched and unseen.

So what can I do to address this limiting belief?

There are many things you can do, but I think the first step is acknowledging the thought. By acknowledging the thought we are recognizing that we are not vibrating at a frequency that is allowing us to embody our highest self. In recognizing, we are becoming conscious of our reality that is being controlled from our subconscious beliefs, whether positive/negative, limiting/not-

limiting, etc. Therefore, once we recognize that we are the ones that are creating our current realities then we can take steps to transform it into the reality that we do want - a reality were we are embodying our highest selves.

Let me tell you though, it takes time to get past this stage of acknowledging that limiting thought. Look at me for instance, I knew for a month that this thought was not serving me, yet I did nothing about it. I let it sit there in the back of my mind constantly being reminded of it by all the signs the universe was sending my way and still did nothing to change my reality.

Which leads me to the next step...TAKE ACTION, any action, just do something!

A piece of advice: You must be the one that takes action in order to transform the limiting belief!

By taking action you are communicating to the universe that you are ready to reject this limiting belief and transform it into a belief that will actually serve your highest self! The universe will always bless you with the frequency you throw out into the world. For example, that month that I spent avoiding writing, nothing happened. Nothing in terms of my blog. It was literally thoughts floating around on the internet world not being seen nor experienced by anyone because I was not taking the initiative to sit down and write. So naturally, the universe blessed me with stagnation because that was the frequency I was vibrating at. The point being, take action so the universe can take action to serve and support you!

So here I am taking action to create the reality I want.

If there is anything I would wish people reading this post would take away from this post is:

  1. Sit down and ask yourself "Why?" - Take some thoughtful time to sit down and have a conversation with yourself. I love to do this in the form of writing, whether that's in my journal or my laptop. Remember, what ever feels comfortable for you. Here are some "Why's" you can ask yourself:

  2. Why am I avoiding doing something that brings me joy?

  3. Why am I not doing anything?

  4. Why don't I just try?

  5. Why am I always making excuses.

  6. Allow yourself to recognize your limiting beliefs. Sometimes we feel ashamed of being wrong, but it is OKAY. We are allowed to change. We are allowed to change our beliefs and values. We are allowed to live a life that brings us joy.

  7. TAKE ACTION. This is so important! You can sit and think all about how you no longer want a limiting thought to keep controlling your reality, but nothing will change unless you start doing something to change that reality. Take action, not matter how big or how small. Commit to transforming that limiting belief. Ask yourself, "What would the version of me living out that reality be doing right at this moment?" and do exactly that.

  8. Embody your new reality. Allow yourself to imagine through all your senses the life you want when you break free of your limiting belief. Remember, you have the power to create the life you desire - believe it, embody it, and trust that the universe has your back.

With gratitude and sunlight,


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