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5 tips on how to balance a full-time + part time job + Etsy shop + Instagram engagement and life!

What a mouth FULL! The real question is,"How is all this possible?!"

Hangout around and find out how you can use tools and tips to help you balance all your daily activities and still not have to live off of caffeine (insert nervous face emoji lol)

The honest truth is that maintaining balance is extremely challenging...but good news, it is not impossible.

I, myself, am currently on journey of learning to find the right balance to fit my everyday lifestyle...well the one I want to create. It is a work in progress.

Before diving into the tips I have learned along the way, remember that everyone's journey is unique...our goals are unique, and the life we want to create is unique to who we are. So although these techniques work for me, they may not work for you. BUT don't worry! The important thing is to continue trying to implement and create new techniques to experiment with if they are right for you. I wish there was a universal blueprint, but life wouldn't be as fun if everything and everyone was the same.

Let's dive in!

Tip #1 - Get Organized!

Ugh, I know! But this tip has been my NUMBER 1 strategy of getting myself into a routine to achieve the right balance I am looking for.

I know some of you may be anti-planners, or are even saying that you you don't need an organization tool, like a planner because everything lives in your head! have to let those plans out of your mind and put them down on some type of physical or digital paper!

Think about it...Imagine all the energy it takes for your mind to recall all of your appointments, projects, important dates, and all the other things going on in your life. Now that is A LOT to carry. So let's find a way to relieve that pressure and use that ENERGY in a different place in our day-to-day.

Follow the "To Do List" plan:

  1. Write down the clutter in your mind, every time you think of something new get in the habit of writing it down (be consistent on where you jot down your notes)!

  2. Make a PLAN - know how to prioritize. Ask yourself "What is most important at this moment?"

  3. Now take that plan and create "Action Items" - I like to think of these as small steps/goals to help accomplish the larger "To-Do List" goal.

  4. TAKE ACTION! - We can get lost in planning and in preparing for how we will cross that item off of our list, but don't be fooled. Preparing does not lead to completion. ACTION leads to completion. You need that momentum, so get up and do it - YOU GOT THIS!

Tools to Get Organized:

  • Planner - whether it is digital, handmade, or physically bought

  • Note: make sure if you go the planner route you choose a planner that gets you excited - makes you want to open that book up and start planning!

  • Aesthetics are important - they help stimulate our creative minds. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • To-Do List Notepad

  • Dedicate a notepad for your "To-Do List" items

  • Calendars - whether digital or physical

  • Personally, calendars help me visualize my time from a birds-eye perspective. This is especially helpful when I am planning social outings. I never want to commit when I know my days are looking heavily packed with long meetings.

  • Be consistent in scheduling your daily tasks.

  • For example: if you know you have to drop off you kids during rush hour, plan accordingly, leave wiggle time for traffic/other events so it doesn't throw off the rest of your day.

These are just some tools. Pinterest is always a great reference: Search "Tools to Stay Organized" - Good Luck!

Reflection Time:

  1. How do you envision your best self being and staying organized?

  2. What can you do today to embrace that organized version of yourself?

Tip #2 - Be Consistent

I know what you are thinking, "Easier said than done!" Trust me, I fall into this boat more often than you might think. Being consistent means showing up even when you don't want to. It really is a habit that you have to grow yourself into. I wont lie, it is extremely challenging, but extremely rewarding.

So how do I start becoming more consistent?

Well that is why my number one tip is "Getting Organized" - getting yourself organized paves a golden brick road right in front of you. When you make steps to getting organized, you are making it easier for your future self, as in yourself tomorrow, to show up and take those necessary steps to cross that item off of your list.

If you are already organized and are having trouble staying consistent then give yourself some space to reflect. Ask yourself:

  • Am I feeling excited about my tasks? Why? - If you are not, then what can you change to get yourself into that excited mindset?

  • Why are you doing those tasks? How will it benefit you?

  • Do those tasks support the life you want to create?

  • Be intentional with your life - this includes the goals you set and how you take action. Intention matters.

Long story short, YOU have to be the one that wants to show up. YOU are the only one who can control your will and actions. If your heart isn't in it then you may find it challenging to show up. So take some time to reflect. Understand your "Why" and set your intentions. Be INTENTIONAL about the life you are creating.

Tip #3 - Take Breaks

Yes, I really mean it! Take breaks between your tasks. There is no reason as to why you need to be the cause of your own burnout.

We are humans, we need rest. So stop making excuses and start taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. When you are in a space of alignment, you will approach each task with a clearer that is ready to take on any task.

Break Suggestions:

  • Screen time rest - take 5-10 minutes off of any and all screens. I personally like getting up and stepping outside of my house. If I am really lazy, I will just open my window and stick my head out LOL. Hey! if it works, it works!

  • Stretch! Aside from feeling so good, stretching is great for your body, especially if you have been frozen in place slouched over your computer or phone for an extended period of time.

  • My personal favorite is going to refill my water bottle. LOL! I know, it's lame, but the process of getting up and re-filling my water bottle has become mental breaks for me. I let myself be completely present in that moment and find it very peaceful.

  • Keep a journal to self dialogue. If you find it almost impossible to fit breaks between tasks, pull out your journal and write all the cluttered thoughts in you mind. I can almost guarantee that the reason you are having trouble taking a break is because you have "too" much going on. EXCUSES! Grab your journal and vent. Write as if you are speaking as if your journal is getting paid hundreds/hour to listen to you rant. I promise, it feels good and it helps calm your thoughts.

Tip #4 - Work Space MATTERS!

I don't know about y'all, but my workspace matters! Just like when I was in college, I refused to do homework if my bedroom was not clean and tidy.

What I mean is this: make sure that you enjoy being in your workspace. Who wants to work in a grey room with no pizazz? I for sure know I don't. So spruce it up a bit. Make the workspace representative of the boss that you are or are trying to embrace. If you don't have a budget for it, then be creative. Rearrange your space to something that is aligned with your vision. You don't have to remodel a whole room, just make changes with intentions.

Remember, you are going to be spending a lot of time in your workspace, so be creative. Don't hold back on what you want to create. Own it and make it an enjoyable space you look forward to creating in everyday!

Tip #5 - Acknowledge your Wins!

It is so easy for us to focus on the loss even after we have experienced several wins. Which is why you should make an effort to be intentional about acknowledging and celebrating your wins. I am not saying you have to go out and throw yourself a party following every time you post a blog, but celebrate by doing something special for you! For me this looks like spending a little extra time in my nigh skin care routine - I treat myself to a nice relaxing mask and enjoy some nice. It can be as simple as saying out loud to yourself "I am proud of myself! I'm a badass!" Show yourself love and appreciation.

Anyways, your wins are important! Don't forget to acknowledge them. They are great moments that keep our momentum moving forward.

In what ways do you see yourself acknowledging and celebrating your wins?

I know it can be a lot to consume, but you got this! You are in control of how you respond and move forward. Sending you lots of love and good energy!

With love and sunlight,


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