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We are so fortunate to have access to so much information literally on a small device we carry EVERYWHERE. So why not help share all the abundance of knowledge and resources to all. 
This section of my blog is designed to share resources, knowledge, and tools with the community. I hope that you will also find these tools as helpful as I did. Feel free to send any recommendations my way.

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Daily affirmations YOU NEED!

Committed to Growth

Sometimes it's challenging for us to look ourselves first thing in the morning and speak kind and loving words to ourselves. Don't worry, I still struggle to speak kind things to myself, which is why I like to make myself cute affirmation cards that help me to speak kindness to myself. 
I have been using affirmation cards for almost two years and they have helped me start my days on a positive note. 
I won't lie, like any habit, it takes a lot of dedication and consistency, but before you know it, you will have automatic affirmations to speak when you notice your thoughts slipping into a negative space. 
I hope you will enjoy these free downloadable daily affirmation cards. <3

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Resources: Image
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